Starting with land use issues six months after moving to Herndon in 1990, I found myself taking an active role in community and civic organizations. My commitment to my community lead me to organize my neighbors in Four Season’s from 1991 – 1998 on land use issues on Rock Hill Road adjacent to the CIT property. This involved working with the Reflection Lakes HOA, Fairfax County officials and the developers. We were successful in getting a wider buffer between the existing homes and the new development

After my late husband disappeared on a plane in Bolivia in 1994, I worked with the State Department for a year before I was able to obtain a Presumptive Certificate of Death. The Commonwealth of Virginia would not accept the certificate so I worked successfully with Virginia officials to change state legislation where two bills initiated by me passed in 1996 allowing Virginia to recognize the State Department certificate. (His plane nor any of the 5 men have ever been recovered)

Over the past twenty-six years, I have served on numerous land use committees appointed by Dranesville District Supervisors, which include the Hunter Mill Task Force, 2005 and the Dulles Toll Road Task Force, 2000 – 01. In 2000 I was appointed to the Herndon Board of Zoning Appeals by the Town Council, serving until Dec 2007.

My commitment to the community includes volunteering with Herndon High Sports boosters; various non-profits, civic organizations and numerous community events such as Friday Night Live, NatureFest, the Herndon Festival, Herndon Garden and Homes tours, Runnymede Park clean up as well as Herndon Rotary projects and events. Chair of NatureFest 2008 & 2009. Received the Volunteer of the Year award from Friends of Runnymede Park in 2008 for my work on NatureFest 2008.

In 2010,2012 & 2014 I was elected by the citizens of Herndon to serve on the Herndon Town Council.

In 2016, I look forward to serving another term on the Herndon Town Council - won't you please support my efforts?